Aged Care
Catholic Aged Care

Catholic Aged Care facilities in the Coffs Harbour Parish comprised of:

            For Info about Residential care
            Tel 1800 551834

   Manager: Kym Lobb
   Tel (02) 6653 1241

Residential Care

  • St Augustine's Aged Care

A 49 bed facility with a loving, caring environment in the tradition of Catholic Healthcare. St Augustine's has recently undergone refurbishment works to upgrade two existing wings to allow the introduction of low care services.
Enquiries: (02) 6656 8100. 6 Bonville St.
Residential Service Manager: Catherine Myers
  • St Joseph's Aged Care

A 112 bed facility on which development has recently been completed on a new two-storey extension that  houses 56 beds of high and dementia-specific care services.
Enquiries: (02) 6659 8300. 37 Azalea Ave.
Residential Service Mgr: Kathryn McDonough

Seniors Living

  • Casey Court

Consists of 11 two-bedroom units in Gordon St, Coffs Harbour, opposite the Catholic Church.
Enquiries: (02) 6653 1241
Manager: Kym Lobb
  • Villa Monica 

Consists of 8 two-bedroom units in Valley St, Coffs Harbour, within easy walking distance to the city centre and Catholic Church.
Enquiries: (02) 6653 1241
Manager: Kym Lobb

Jan 2019 St Augustine's Parish, Coffs Harbour 2450 NSW Australia. Phone: (02) 6651 0000